10 Must-Have Amenities for Your Phuket House

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Living in Phuket, the island of white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, is a dream for many. But to truly enhance the experience, certain amenities can make a significant difference. Let’s uncover the top 10 must-have amenities for any Phuket residence.

1. Infinity Pool with Ocean View

An infinity pool with an ocean view overlooking the Andaman Sea is the epitome of luxury and tranquility. Imagine submerging into crystal-clear waters that seem to seamlessly merge with the vast expanse of the sea, creating an illusion of infinity. The sun casts a golden hue over the horizon, and the gentle lapping of the waves synchronizes with the rhythmic pulse of your heart. As you float, the distinction between the pool’s edge and the azure depths of the Andaman Sea blurs, creating a mesmerizing spectacle of nature and architecture in perfect harmony. Surrounded by this breathtaking panorama, one can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of peace and awe, making such a setting not just a lavish amenity, but a transformative experience that redefines the essence of relaxation and opulence.

2. Outdoor Sala

An outdoor sala, often found in the scenic landscapes of Thailand, including places like Phuket, is a traditional Thai pavilion that harmoniously blends architecture with nature. Providing a shaded haven from the tropical sun, these open-sided structures offer a serene space for relaxation, meditation, or even casual gatherings. Made predominantly from wood and often adorned with intricate carvings or thatched roofs, salas exude an aura of timeless elegance.

An integral part of Thai architecture, the Sala:

  • Provides shade from the tropical sun.
  • Acts as a relaxation or dining area, elevating outdoor living.

3. Smart Home Systems

In an era where convenience meets technology, smart home systems stand at the forefront of modern living. These sophisticated systems transform ordinary households into hubs of seamless automation and intuitive control. From adjusting the ambiance with voice-controlled lighting to ensuring security with real-time surveillance cameras and sensors, smart home technology brings the future to our doorsteps. Imagine the luxury of preheating your oven from your phone while on your way home or having your favorite playlist start playing as soon as you walk in the door.

  • Security: Surveillance cameras and alarms ensure safety.
  • Convenience: Automated lighting, air conditioning, and entertainment systems cater to modern living needs.

Modern interior design of Spa, Sauna, concept of fine living, relaxation, 3d rendering

4. Spa and Wellness Room

A spa and wellness room is a sanctuary of rejuvenation, a private haven where the outside world momentarily fades, replaced by an atmosphere of calm and healing. Infused with aromatic essences of lavender, eucalyptus, or rosemary, the air within these rooms immediately lulls the senses into a state of relaxation. Plush massage tables beckon, offering the promise of skilled hands kneading away the stresses of the day. Subtle ambient music, often accompanied by the gentle babble of a water feature, underscores the holistic experience.

  • Into a personal spa with a massage table.
  • An area for meditation or yoga, promoting wellness and tranquility.

5. Energy-Efficient Appliances and Solar Panels

Phuket’s sunny disposition is ideal for:

  • Harnessing solar energy, reducing electricity costs.
  • Environment-friendly appliances lessen the carbon footprint, promoting sustainable living.

6. Tropical Garden with Water Features

A well-maintained tropical garden:

  • Offers a serene atmosphere.
  • Water features like ponds or fountains add to the aesthetics and calming vibes.

7. Open-Plan Living Area with Large Windows

Maximize the beauty of Phuket:

  • Ample natural light transforms living spaces.
  • Uninterrupted views of the lush surroundings or ocean.

8. Outdoor Shower

Given Phuket’s beach lifestyle:

  • An outdoor shower becomes a practical amenity.
  • Rinse off sand and salt after a beach day while enjoying the outdoors.

9. Integrated Mosquito and Pest Solutions

Being in the tropics:

  • Essential to have screens on windows and doors.
  • Innovative solutions like mosquito misting systems keep the pests at bay.

10. Backup Generator

To ensure uninterrupted luxury:

  • Combat sudden power outages.
  • Maintain a seamless living experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these amenities standard in Phuket luxury villas? While many luxury villas incorporate several of these amenities, it’s always good to check and prioritize based on personal preferences.

How important is an infinity pool for property value? An infinity pool, especially with an ocean view, can significantly enhance property value due to its appeal and the luxury it signifies.

Can I retrofit my existing Phuket house with these amenities? Certainly! While some amenities are easier to integrate than others, consulting with a local architect or contractor can provide clarity.


Owning a house in Phuket is a privilege, and with these top-notch amenities, you can amplify the luxury, comfort, and overall living experience. Whether you’re looking to buy a new home or upgrade your existing one, considering these amenities will undoubtedly elevate your Phuket lifestyle.

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